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Ellen Hennessey
Ellen HennesseyAssociate Real Estate Broker
I live and work in Pelham and couldn’t be happier with the community.

Personal Highlights

Ellen works with her clients closely so buying or selling your home is an efficient, pleasant and satisfying experience. She really loves working with first time buyers to help them through every step of the process. She has been a multi million dollar producer consistently since she began her full time real estate career in 1996. Ellen graduated from Fairfield University and also has her MBA in Finance from Fordham University. Before starting her career in real estate she was an executive in the cosmetics industry. Her experience in the business world have contributed to her excellent skills in negotiating, marketing and dealing with people.

Ellen and her husband Brian have been Pelham residents since 1984. She is the mother of three children who have gone through the Pelham schools so she has first hand knowledge of the school system and the community. She has served on both the Junior League and PTA boards. Ellen is known for her dedication to her clients and the extra effort she makes to ensure that they become part of the community.


We worked with Ellen for over a year looking to purchase our first house. Being first time home buyers, we relied on Ellen’s advice and guidance to find our dream home. Throughout the entire process Ellen made us feel very comfortable with her long term knowledge of the business. Once we closed on our new house in Pelhem, Ellen was gracious enough to host a party on our behalf to welcome us to the neighborhood. Purchasing a new home can be overwhelming, but Ellen made our experience seamless and enjoyable. We couldn’t be happier. C. & O. Pope

Ellen Hennessey is a fantastic real estate agent. She was professional and informative (and right) about every step we took in the process of selling our home. Most importantly, as a result of her guidance, we got the price we wanted in a timely fashion. Chris

Ellen was a pleasure to work with. Having lived in Pelham for 28 years she has a wealth of knowledge on the area and helped find just the right home for us. Her professionalism and attentiveness were exceptional and helped make a sometimes challenging process less stressful. She went the extra mile to introduce us to people once we had moved in. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in southern Westchester. Lisa & Cavan

                                   Closed Transactions


1307 Roosevelt Avenue, Pelham $900,000 2,710 Single Family 9/17/2015
416 North Barry, Mamaroneck $715,000 1,504 Single Family 9/04/2015
424 Stellar Avenue, Pelham $862,500 1,910 Single Family 9/03/2015
473 Esplanade, Pelham $972,000 2,674 Single Family 8/14/2015
429 Stellar Avenue, Pelham $999,000 2,549 Single Family 7/22/2015
21 Young Avenue, Pelham $890,000 2,290 Single Family 7/31/2015
1455 Roosevelt Place, Pelham $1,280,000 4,303 Single Family 7/14/2015
501 Manor Lane, Pelham $1,175,000 3,302 Single Family 7/10/2015
4561 Boston Post Road, Pelham $718,000 2,238 Single Family 6/22/2015
30 Mount Tom Road, Pelham $1,335,000 3,264 Single Family 6/5/2015
1317 Roosevelt Avenue, Pelham $7,000 2,940 Rental 5/19/2015
915 Wynnewood Road, #F5, Pelham $485,000 1,200 Condominium 10/23/2014
65 Harlan Drive, New Rochelle $634,000 2,708 Single Family 9/23/2014
3 Greens Way, #3, Pelham $799,000 2,100 Single Family 9/4/2014
15 Shady Lane, Greenburgh $535,000 1,902 Single Family 6/30/2014
343 Eighth Avenue, Pelham $532,500 1,414 Single Family 12/20/2013
245 Nyac Avenue, Pelham $835,000 2,482 Single Family 10/8/2013
915 Wynnewood Road, #F5, Pelham $3,300 1,200 Rental 10/4/2013
674 Colonial Avenue, Pelham $1,487,500 4,003 Single Family 8/30/2013
915 Wynnewood Road, #G1, Pelham $2,200 1,250 Rental 8/24/2013
1200 Manor Circle, Pelham $715,000 2,209 Single Family 8/20/2013
27 Hemingway Avenue, New Rochelle $530,000 2,500 Single Family 8/8/2013
304 Clove Road, New Rochelle $547,000 2,150 Single Family 7/23/2013
1317 Roosevelt Avenue, Pelham $1,200,000 2,940 Single Family 7/22/2013
1036 Pelhamdale Avenue, Pelham $780,000 2,384 Single Family 6/26/2013
1013 Edgewood Avenue, Pelham $1,085,000 3,581 Single Family 6/24/2013
13 Kenmare Road, Mamaroneck $969,000 2,204 Single Family 6/14/2013
281 Storer Avenue, Pelham $525,000 3,330 Single Family 1/11/2013
552 Manor Ridge Road, Pelham $2900 1,492 Rental 7/31/2012
592 Colonial Avenue, Pelham $760,000 2,810 Single Family 7/18/2012
619 James Street, Pelham $650,000 3,001 Single Family 7/16/2012