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Sona Davidian
Sona DavidianOwner/Broker

Personal Highlights

I was born and raised in Manhattan and worked in psychiatric social work prior to my career in real estate. I moved to Pelham in 1981 and joined McClellan Real Estate in 1984. I became the manager in 1986 and purchased the company directly from the McClellan family in 1989 with Carol Brown and Mary Grimm. Since that time the firm has been the #1 real estate company in Pelham, selling more real estate in Pelham than all of the other Pelham offices combined. My husband, Richard, and I raised our 3 daughters in Pelham, all of whom attended the Pelham schools, where they were very involved in multiple sports and activities. I have also enjoyed a tremendous involvement in the Pelham community and volunteer organizations. I have loved living and working in Pelham and it has been a perfect place to raise a family.

Awards and Associations

  • “Five Star Professional” – award, 2015, 2016, Westchester Magazine
  • “Woman of Distinction” – Pelham, NY, 2014, award given by New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and County Legislator Jim Maisano
  • Westchester County Board of Realtors, Board of Directors (4 terms)
  • Westchester County Board of Realtors, Platinum, Gold and Silver Award Winner
  • #1 selling agent in Pelham – 5 times
  • National Association of Realtors, 1984 – present



  • Mount Holyoke College, BA, Psychology
  • University of Pennsylvania, MSW, Psychiatric Social Work

Community Activities

  • Pelham Memorial High School (past President)
  • Pelham Middle School (past Board member)
  • Colonial Elementary School (past Board member)
  • Pelham Art Center (past President & present member)
  • Pelham Newcomers Club (past President)
  • The Manor Club Junior Section (past President)
  • Pelham Education Foundation (past Board member)
  • Friends of the Town of Pelham Public Library (past Board member)
  • Pelham Revitalization (past Board member) Pelham Junior League (past Board member)
  • Pelham Family Service (past Board member) Nurses Network (past Board member

Hobbies and Interests

Travel, tennis, paddle, bicycling, cooking, being with my family and friends!’


Sona is an incredibly insightful, helpful, responsive and patient real estate professional. She led us through the competitive market in 2005, when we purchased our first suburban home urging us not to overspend even in that booming market and more recently in the sale and simultaneous purchase of a “trade up” home in early 2015. Her timing and pricing strategy was spot on. She knew her market and confidently and fairly handled multiple offers on the sale of our home. In our purchase of the new property she was a calm, confident and skilled negotiator. We knew we could trust her instincts as she advised on the relative value of properties in the area. She advised us on the staging of our home for sale and followed through with the buyers on every point to keep all parties informed and feeling at ease. We would absolutely recommend her to other buyers and sellers in the area for her honesty, market knowledge, and nearly experience.

A. Linn

Sona was terrific! She provided exceptional guidance on how to enhance the value of my home. She laid out a plan for putting the house on the market. Every step worked out just as she predicted and we had 5 offers within 4 days of putting the house on the market. It went so smoothly.

T. Michigan

Sona is a true expert in the area of real estate. She is fun to work with, incredibly knowledgeable and is a great teacher. She is patient throughout the searching process and an incredibly savvy partner during the negotiations. I trust her completely. She is a true leader in this space and truly cares about her clients.

-J. Frost

I have known Sona Davidian for 25 years. She is a total professional with a personal touch that people have come to expect. She knows her business inside and out and makes it her job to get to know her clients. She is a real estate matchmaker – connecting the right house with the right family. A big part of the reason that Pelham is such an ideal village – in which to live and raise a family – is that Sona is at the helm of McClellan Sotheby’s International Realty.

J. Morgan

Sona is the consummate professional. She certainly knows how to value a home an how best to sell it. Her suggestions for getting the house in shape for sale were practical and spot on. She has seen every type of buyer, and she was particularly helpful after the house went into contract because the buyers were difficult to the point of being unreasonable. She kept everyone on target and we were able to complete the closing with the minimum of angst. Sona is very knowledgeable about local service providers so that when work had to be done to appease the buyers, her suggestions were invaluable.

A. Ryan

Working with Sona was a true pleasure, she was very responsive and she of course knows the area like she’s lived there for 25 years!  She was attuned to our needs and made recommendations based on those.  She’s not at all pushy (like other agents we’ve worked with), and she is 100% professional.  Really a joy to work with, and if we ever decide to trade up (or down), she will be the first person we contact.

-M. Burgess

There is a reason why ‘moving’ is listed in the “Top Ten Stressors of Life”. While change is good, it most certainly can be challenging. I first met Sona when my husband and I purchased our home in Pelham in 2002 as she was representing the seller. I saw her throughout the years in this wonderful and close-knit town and she always paused to say hello and inquire how our family was. Now it was my turn as a seller to interview and seek representation when it was time to move on from this same property in 2015 as our family needs had changed. After a brief meeting on a snowy day in January I had no doubt that Sona was just the person I needed to guide me through the maze. She led me step by step through the process of getting my house ready to be put on the market, the legal aspects I needed to be aware of, and how to present myself professionally and with grace through the sale. Not only did my home sell within a week, and for a very acceptable price, but a lovely and deeper personal connection ensued. How could it have not after all the dedication she showed! I have and will continue to recommend her highly to both buyers and sellers. There is no doubt you will be in stellar hands with her on your team!

-J. O-Rourke

“I have worked with Sona Davidian to both purchase and sell homes. She is a consummate professional who has provided me with expert advice on every step of the sale process. Her insider’s knowledge of the market was a great help in knowing when would be best to put our house on the market and how to price it. She orchestrated a bidding war for our house which brought us a price significantly above our asking price. Sona was available at all times, every day when we were in the middle of active negotiations. I depended on her wisdom and experience to guide me through this difficult and important process.”

“Mrs. Davidian was key to winning the house that we really wanted. Her expertise in the area is unparalleled. She was always responsive and guided us with her knowledge of the real estate market in this area. During negotiations, she was honest and decisive. We couldn’t have been happier with her as our broker.”

                                   Closed Transactions

8 Shoreview Circle, Pelham $1,102,500 3,267 Single Family 8/29/2018
959 Edgewood Avenue, Pelham $997,500 2,405 Single Family 8/13/2018
132 6th Street, Pelham $615,000 2,175 Two-Family 8/8/2018
305 S. Barry Avenue, Mamaroneck $1,278,900 2,865 Single Family 6/19/2018
952 Plymouth Street, Pelham $1,375,000 3,278 Single Family 6/12/2018
77 Ditmars Street, City Island $220,000 N/A LAND 5/15/2018
66 Island Point #66, City Island $705,000 1,801 Condo 4/13/2018
2 Harbor Lane #301, New Rochelle $655,000 2,000 Condo 4/12/2018
14 Indian Hill Road, New Rochelle $780,000 2,422 Condo 2/23/2018
47 Island Point #47, City Island $798,000 2,248 Condo 1/9/2018
68 Island Point #68, City Island $728,000 2,290 Condo 12/19/2017
516 Fowler Avenue, Pelham $1,735,000 7,705 Single Family 11/27/2017
305 Pelhamdale Avenue, Pelham $1,690,000 4,433 Single Family 8/28/2017
121 Loring Avenue, Pelham $1,310,000 2,526 Single Family 8/25/2017
6 Bonmar Road, Pelham $1,748,000 4,265 Single Family 8/23/2017
125 Pelhamdale Avenue, Pelham $1,400,000 3,778 Single Family 8/18/2017
140 Cliff Avenue, Pelham $1,750,000 5,148 Single Family 8/17/2017
1280 Pelhamdale Avenue, Pelham $1,155,000 2,855 Single Family 7/24/2017
31 The Hamlet, Pelham $550,000 1,800 Single Family 6/27/2017
212 1st Street, Pelham $905,000 2,224 Single Family 6/26/2017
231 Loring Avenue, Pelham $1,413,000 3,356 Single Family 5/12/2017
45 Beech Tree, Pelham $2,300,000 5,070 Single Family 4/27/2017
219 Boulevard, Pelham $650,000 2,308 Single Family 4/7/2017
49 Island Point #49, City Island $548,000 1,501 Condo 3/30/2017
79 Harmon Avenue, Pelham $1,085,000 2,704 Single Family 1/31/2017
71 Island Point #71, City Island $588,000 1,761 Condo 1/30/2017
51 Storer Avenue, Pelham $660,000 2,052 Single Family 1/23/2017
57 Island Point #57, City Island $518,000 1,501 Condo 1/10/2017
53 Island Point #53, City Island $528,000 1,501 Condo 1/4/2017
222 Storer Avenue, New Rochelle $855,000 2,300 Single Family 12/6/2016
553 Second Ave, Pelham $460,500 1,152 Single Family 12/2/2016
75 Ditmars Street, City Island $914,000 1,944 Single Family 10/24/2016
90 Horton Street, City Island $1,030,000 2,324 Single Family 9/14/2016
5 Island Point #5, City Island $488,000 1,407 Condo 9/14/2016
65 Island Point #65, City Island $488,000 1,413 Condo 8/30/2016
300 Elderwood Avenue, Pelham $1,285,000 3,170 Single Family 8/18/2016
7 Island Point #7, City Island $578,000 1,815 Condo 7/26/2016
63 Island Point #63, City Island $578,000 1,761 Condo 7/25/2016
61 Island Point #61, City Island $488,000 1,407 Condo 7/22/2016
3 Island Point #3, City Island $568,000 1,826 Condo 7/5/2016
67 Island Point #67, City Island $578,000 1,761 Condo 7/2/2016
2730 Schurz L3, Bronx $530,000 1,400 Condo 6/30/2016
1 Island Point #1, City Island $488,000 1,407 Condo 6/30/2016
180 Pellamdale Ave, Pelham $1,730,000 4,704 Single Family 6/30/2016
69 Island Point #69, City Island $488,000 1,413 Condo 6/24/2016
205 Loring Avenue, Pelham $1,475,000 3,537 Single Family 06/15/2016
345 Cliff Avenue, Pelham $1,420,000 7,020 Single Family 05/18/2016
106 Harmon Avenue, Pelham $970,000 2,497 Single Family 7/31/2015
626 James Street, Pelham $905,000 2,242 Single Family 7/14/2015
1027 Grant Avenue, Pelham $945,000 2,624 Single Family 7/9/2015
44 Rockledge Drive, Pelham $1,400,000 5,266 Single Family 7/6/2015
1 Harmon Avenue, Pelham $1,125,000 4,512 Single Family 7/1/2015
203 Cliff Avenue, Pelham $1,790,000 4,409 Single Family 6/2/2015
132 Corona Avenue, Pelham $1,212,500 3,656 Single Family 5/26/2015
205 Elderwood Avenue, Pelham $2,140,000 6,899 Single Family 5/18/2015
8 Brookside Avenue, Pelham $400,000 1,688 Single Family 1/29/2015
121 Pelhamdale Avenue, Pelham $800,000 2,010 Single Family 10/29/2014
14 Storer Avenue, Pelham $961,000 2,550 Single Family 8/12/2014
264 Cliff Avenue, Pelham $1,795,000 5,043 Single Family 7/17/2014
7 Highbrook Avenue, Pelham $875,000 2,469 Single Family 7/16/2014
162 Nyac Avenue, Pelham $1,173,000 4,132 Single Family 7/3/2014
113 4th Avenue, Pelham $538,000 1,388 Single Family 6/30/2014
275 Storer Avenue, New Rochelle $570,000 2,688 Single Family 6/4/2014
221 Highbrook Avenue, Pelham $1,345,000 3,770 Single Family 4/25/2014
189 Woodbrook Road, White Plains $805,000 2,671 Single Family 8/26/2013
989 Edgewood Road, Pelham $1,540,000 4,469 Single Family 7/3/2013
1304 Roosevelt Avenue, Pelham $670,000 2,208 Single Family 7/2/2013
229 Corona Avenue, Pelham $1,250,000 3,293 Single Family 6/19/2013
252 Elderwood Avenue,Pelham $1,325,000 3,295 Single Family 6/7/2013
128 Monterey Avenue, Pelham $1,100,000 3,848 Single Family 5/24/2013
77 Highbrook Avenue, Pelham $495,000 1,976 Single Family 5/15/2013
1 The Hamlet, Pelham $549,000 2,068 Single Family 5/14/2013
971 Highland Avenue, Pelham $799,000 2,540 Single Family 5/13/2013
454 2nd Avenue, Pelham $375,000 1,539 Multi Family 5/13/2013
2 Storer Avenue, Pelham $788,000 2,633 Single Family 5/2/2013
57 Old Country Road, New Rochelle $695,000 3,306 Single Family 3/18/2013
915 Wynnewood Rd., A4, Pelham $485,000 1,590 Condominium 2/3/2013
35 Benedict Place, Pelham $1,150,000 3,918 Single Family 9/12/2012
575 Manor Lane, Pelham $651,900 2,872 Single Family 7/27/2012
1398 Roosevelt Avenue, Pelham $750,000 1,802 Single Family 7/25/2012
514 Esplanade, Pelham $1,245,000 3,925 Single Family 7/10/2012
18 Clifford Avenue, Pelham $1,080,000 2,807 Single Family 6/29/2012
677 Wolfs Lane, Pelham $1,100,000 3,895 Single Family 6/21/2012
946 Pelhamdale Avenue, Pelham $1,270,000 4,625 Single Family 4/23/2012
11 Young Avenue, Pelham $834,000 2,750 Single Family 3/27/2012
623 Francis Street, Pelham $966,625 4,155 Single Family 2/03/2012